Member Awards

Last Update: Dec 29, 2022

This addon is requires some source edits to install.

Works with ElkArte: 1.1


A system where members can be given awards to display in their profile and posts.


  • Awards can be placed in categories for display grouping and easy maintenance
  • Awards can be defined as assignable so members with assign awards permission can give an award (not define a new award though)
  • Awards can be defined as requestable so members can request and award for the moderation team to approve / deny
  • Awards can be assigned by member, by group or by mass selection
  • Automatic award assignment can be set for various milestones such as post count, topic count, join date, time on line, etc
  • Award post placement can be defined on a per award basis, above avatar, below avatar or with signature. Allows you to define badges as well as awards
  • The award image and the details assigned with the image are stored and can then be assigned to members.
  • Once assigned, the member can view his/her award album, as well as others awards.
  • They will be able to select their favorite image, as well as see who else has earned that award.
  • This addon allows users with the permission to upload images that will serve as rewards.
  • These images can be assigned a name as well as how they were earned (e.g. Contest, Posts, or the name of a game)
  • Those with correct permissions can edit the image and information assigned to that image, as well as completely delete it.
  • And more!


This addon needs to make two template edits in order to add the post and signature awards to the post page.

Download a package by URL

  • Download a package by URL is a quick way to download a package from the web to your forum. Using (Package Manager -> Download Package) enter the below link under the “Download a package by url” field and select Download. This will save the package to your server where you can install it.

Upload a Package

  • Alternatively, download the package using the below link and then using (Package Manager -> Upload Package) browse to where you saved the package on your computer and upload it to the server. You may also FTP the downloaded file directly to your packages directory.


This ElkArte Addon is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License version 1.1 (the “License”). You can obtain a copy of the License at