Database Cleanup

Last Update: Jun 28, 2014

This utility can restore your database to an initial install state.

It examines your current database looking for added tables, columns added to default tables and settings.
These are items that are normally added by addons or other modifications. Items that the script detects as not part of the core package are listed with an option to remove them from your install.

This is intended to clean up a database after many addons have been added, tested, removed over time.

Note the package is NOT aware of what addons you have installed, so remove tables / columns / settings with care. Only remove what you know is no longer installed on your system and that you no longer want to use.

The script will not run until you confirm (promise) that you have backed up your database since the changes it makes are permanent and irreversible.


Copy the files from the below link to the root of you forum installation. Then from your browser navigate to sitename/databasecleanup.php From there follow the prompts.